For companies of all sizes, keeping the CRM and financial data in sync is an important factor in creating effective data flow through their business. 

Tenacre is not a vendor for any accounting systems, but we do have a wealth of experience here in Dubai in integrating Salesforce with all kinds of accounting systems.

For companies with ERP platforms, Tenacre also integrates Salesforce with all the major ERP systems.

Quickbooks Logo.png


Many of our medium sized business use products from the Quickbooks suite of accounting systems. 

The most common integration that we create is the sync of invoices, payments, credit notes and companies between Quickbooks and Salesforce. 

Tenacre has integrated Salesforce with Quickbooks for many clients here in Dubai, and offers this data synchronisation option to all of our new clients. 

Xero logo.png


In recent years Tenacre has seen an increase in the number of our clients, particularly our small to medium sized business that use Xero. 

Integration with Xero is typically requested so that the salespeople have a single view of all their clients information in Salesforce. 

Tenacre designs the integration between Xero and Salesforce so that invoices, receipts, products and companies are kept in sync between both systems.


Sage Logo.png


Sage have an entire range of accounting systems that are designed for different business sizes and requirements. Tenacre has integrated Sage with Salesforce for companies in Dubai that are small enterprises (Sage 50, 100), medium sized businesses (300) any even large scale trading companies (Sage X3 ERP). 

Tenacre has typically used middleware applications to integrate Sage with Salesforce, there is also the option of using the Salesforce API for keeping data in sync. 


MYOB Logo copy.png


MYOB Accountright is popular with some of our small to medium sized businesses (particularly with Australian companies!). 

Tenacre keeps MYOB and Salesforce records such as Companies, Products, Invoices and Payments in synch using middleware applications.