Sport 360 Newspaper to manage media and event sales on Salesforce with Tenacre

Sport 360 newspaper has completed the implementation of Salesforce CRM platform to manage ad sales, client data and performance reporting. Tenacre worked with Sport 360 to design a media and event centric CRM platform.


Customising Salesforce for media sales

The first design process that Tenacre undertook with the Sport 360 project was to customise the core CRM to facilitate media sales to media buying agencies as well as for brand owners.

The Salesforce implementation project was focused on creating a central location for all customer and sales records, capturing all sales activity and building reports and dashboards for real-time information on sales performance. 

A single source for customer data

As a fast-growing business, Sport360 required a platform that could provide a single location for all data. The Salesforce CRM would become the 'go-to' source for information on 

  • Media buying agencies
  • Advertisers
  • Sales Opportunities 
  • Price Books
  • Sales reports

Each module of the CRM was customised to suit the Sport360 sales processes and data requirements. The implementation process included rigorous data security features so that an individuals access to records were limited to the data that they needed to work with. 

Tenacre deployed the Salesforce mobile app, enabling the sales team to have access to data while they are out of the office. 

The Salesforce platform was also integrated with each users Outlook system, enabling synchronisation of emails and meetings between both systems


Sales Forecasting & Pipeline reporting

Tenacre deployed a series of highly bespoke reports and dashboards in the Sport360 CRM. Each report was designed to provide real-time information on pipeline, closed sales and account management activity.

A key requirement of the CRM is the ability to track relationships at media buying agencies, and then cross reference with revenue per media planner or buyer. 

Michael Chalhoub, Managing Director 

Michael Chalhoub, Managing Director 

For a startup like ours at Sport360, that has grown exponentially in size, it was extremely important to monitor all the efforts put in individually by each of our team members without micromanaging them. In that sense, Salesforce has been extremely helpful, and has adapted very well to our business model. It is also a perfect fit to our mentality, our way of doing things, where people have the liberty to manage their day as they please, as long as they put in the efforts required to reach our ambitious goals.

As our Salesforce partner in Dubai, Tenacre has been a great consultant for this project, bringing with them an understanding of both media and small business. Having them onboard as our implementation partner has added tremendously to the value that we have gained from Salesforce. 
— Michael Chalhoub, Managing Director at Gulf Sport Media

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