Citizenship Invest build bespoke CRM on Salesforce to manage sales and operational processes for second citizenship programmes. 


Citizenship Invest is one of the leading professional services firms that offer second citizenship by investment programmes. Based in Dubai, they have successfully processed thousands of applications for new citizenship for people across the Middle East, Asia and Europe. 

To ensure that the business could continue to scale while maintaining their high quality of service levels, Citizenship Invest hired Tenacre to build a bespoke CRM system. 

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Inbound lead management

With daily high volumes of inquiries coming in via the website and phone, Salesforce was required to handle all inbound leads. 

Tenacre integrated Salesforce with the company website so that all inquiries would be automatically routed into Salesforce and allocated in real time to a consultant. 

All inbound inquiries are tracked from their 'source' (e.g. website or PPC campaigns). This information is useful to the marketing team who can calculate their ROI from each campaign cost. 

KYC & Document Management

Salesforce has been designed to incorporate the KYC ('Know Your Customer') process for each application. 

KYC is a legal requirement, and this process is now hardwired into the Citizenship Invest process. All documents such as as passport copies, birth certificates etc. are also securely stored on the applicants Salesforce record to ensure it's safety and to provide the agents with a single location to locate all files and information related to their clients. 

operational management

The process of obtaining second citizenship is complex, but Citizenship Invest handles the administration on behalf of their clients. 

The Salesforce CRM that Tenacre build is optimised for moving each application through the various stages. This helps Citizenship Invest to follow the most efficient process possible on each and every application.

Tenacre has build these stages into Salesforce, with workflow automations to speed up the process where possible. We have also build in Validation Rules into these processes. This significantly reduces data entry or processing errors which can lead to delays.

Real Time Reports

With so much data involved in the second citizenship by investment application process, it was important that Tenacre built reports that accurately reflected the real-time reality of each process. 

Reports and Dashboards were built for each specific process that is undertaken on the Salesforce platform. These include marketing reports for lead generation, sales reports for pipeline management and various operational reports to track the progress of each application. 

I can not praise the team at Tenacre high enough to give them the true credit they deserve. The modification and bespoking of our Salesforce system was a huge project and they were the perfect partners and produced a system that works fully for our business.

On time and on budget. Well done and thank you to you Patrick and particularly Nevin for coming the thousands of changes we made!
— Wayne Putt, Director Citizenship Invest.