Integrate Salesforce with your ERP

Most of our Salesforce projects these days require an integration with an ERP platform, particularly for companies in electronics, manufacturing or distribution. Tenacre has developed expertise in ERP integration, and built up a lot of experience working with multiple ERP platforms. 

Tenacre will recommend the most efficient, robust and cost effective integration processes based on each our clients requirements. Our team has expertise in ERP integration here in Dubai using direct API integration or a middleware application. Our recommendation will be based on the specification of the project.  

The following list of ERP platforms is not exhaustive; the team at Tenacre can integrate with any ERP platform that has an API. 


MS Dynamics Logo.png

MS Dynamics (NAV, GP, AX & 365)

Tenacre can integrate Salesforce with all of the Microsoft ERP platforms. Our clients like to have a seamless transition between the sales teams and the operations or warehouse teams. 

Integration with any of the Dynamics products can be done with a standard integration, or include customisations for special requirements if required. 

Infor ERP Logo.png


Tenacre works with many companies in the high tech or electronics industries (such as Sharp Electronics, Fagerhult Lighting etc.).

The INFOR ERP suite can be integrated to Salesforce so that records are kept in sync, providing all users with a 360-degree view of each customer and transaction. 

SAP ERP Logo.png


The SAP - Salesforce integration can sync data from all SAP modules if required, or more commonly just the specific modules that relate to products, price books and inventory. 

Some of the key benefits of SAP-Salesforce integration is that ability to see sales order shipments in the CRM, all invoices and payments in the CRM and the ability to link salesforce sales forecasting with inventory levels within the ERP. 

Financialforce logo.png


Financialforce is built on the Salesforce platform, resulting in a technically more straightforward integration with the Salesforce CRM. 

Tenacre can integrate the Financialforce ERP modules

  • Financial Management
  • Resource Management
  • Services Automation
Netsuite Logo.png


The Netsuite ERP modules integrates with Salesforce via a standard connector. This makes the integration process easier for systems that use standardised modules. 

The standard integration connector connects

  • Quotations
  • Sales Orders
  • Products / Price Books
  • Companies & Contacts


Oracle Logo.png

Oracle ERP / Financials

For companies that are running Oracle or Oracle Financials, Tenacre can integrate the ERP modules with Salesforce for two-way synchronisation. 

Tenacre can integrate the quotations, sales orders, products database to Salesforce. The sync process can keep the key data, including forecasts and payments visible and up to-date in in the ERP and CRM.