An online & shared project management space

We know that successful projects are largely reliant on great communication. Tenacre uses an online project management platform so that our clients have full visibility into the work schedule, completion status and risk logs for their projects. 


Managing weekly sprints

Tenacre project managers start each project by creating a backlog of tasks, that is everything that is to be delivered during the project. As each 'scrum' meeting these tasks are then moved into the following weeks 'sprint'. 

Our clients agree in advance what work is to be included in each 'Sprint', focusing on the high priority deliverables. 

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real time communication

All communication is made on the project plan as the teams work to deliver sprints. Instead of having communication buried in emails, each communication thread is contained in the project plan so that all other team members can see the conversation. 

Project plan conversations can be integrated with Quip, Slack or Chatter. 

Sprint backlog.jpg

Manage backlog

All project stakeholders can view the project plan to view the scheduled weekly sprints.

Our customers often use the sprint planning feature to change priorities of certain work packages so that some features are delivered earlier in the project.