Build the Apps you need on Salesforce to extend the value of your CRM 

Many of our clients require their CRM to be highly customised, and that usually requires the development of new apps. These apps work with the standard Salesforce features, seamlessly sharing data and working within the same workflow automations.

Custom Apps

When Tenacre designs your CRM solution, it's usual that there will new a number of 'custom objects' included in the development plan. 

The additional apps are used to provide essential functionality that isn't available with standard Salesforce features. 

Some of our clients, like RAW Coffee, practically run their operations on apps that have been built on the Salesforce platform by Tenacre


Mobile Enabled

The custom apps that are designed into the core CRM are also available in the Salesforce mobile app. 

Including these bespoke apps in the mobile version of Salesforce extends the usefulness of the data to the external sales or field service teams


Integrated with standard features

Apps that are built on the Salesforce platforms work alongside the standard apps such as Leads, Cases or Opportunities. 

The bespoke apps are wholly integrated with the core Salesforce features. New records can include lookup links to Accounts or Opportunities and new types of reports can be created to show the custom app data alongside standard app data.