Basin Supply, the global oilfield supply business select Tenacre as their Salesforce consultants

Tenacre designed and built a highly customised Salesforce CRM to enable a new procurement process that is seamlessly linked to the sales management process. System deployed regionally and to North American business.

Basin Supply is a global oilfield supply business, with procurement centers located in the major established and emerging oil and gas markets. This year, in an effort to streamline both the sales and procurement process, they selected Tenacre as their Salesforce consultants. The project was focused on developing a CRM system that can integrate the sales and procurement processes. The project was initiated in the Dubai office, and is currently being deployed across the Basin Supply global network.

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Basin supply requirements

The Dubai office of Basin Supply (now located in DMCC) act as both a sales office and one of the global procurement centres. The sales team are working on getting RFQ’s (Request for Quotation) from oil and gas companies in the region for the supply of products. When these RFQ’s are received, there is a separate process undertaken by the procurement team to source suppliers and prices for these items.

The procurement process involves sourcing multiple suppliers for each product that’s requested by the Basin Supply customer. For each RFQ there is a lot to be managed, and it’s easy for the process to be delayed unless there are systems in place to keep all the people involved up to date with progress.

The final major challenge with the Basin Supply business is that the company operates on a global basis. For each RFQ that is received in the Dubai office, the team there may use the procurements centres in Texas to source certain items. Keeping these teams in communication was identified as one of the main requirements for the 

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Using salesforce native features and developing new apps

The initial phase of the engagement for Tenacre involved getting up to speed with how the oil field supply business operated. This involved multiple workshops with the management team and staff from both sales and procurement. Once we had a handle on the business processes, we then began the process of developing our technical solution.

To deliver the CRM that would meet the business requirements of Basin Supply, Tenacre recommended

  • Customise the standard features of Salesforce to manage the sales process and forecasting

  • Develop new applications on the Salesforce platform to handle the procurement process

  • Use Chatter (the Salesforce messaging platform) for global internal communication

  • Integrate a third party application (Conga Composer) for the automatic generation of RFQ and Proposal documents


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Rolled out in UAE, GCC and North america

The system was developed and deployed with the local Dubai office with follow up on-site training with the team in Kuwait.

The second phase of the project is is ongoing, and involves Tenacre consulting with the Basin Supply team in North America to roll out the Salesforce system while working with their local consultants and management teams.