Backlite Media builds a media sales CRM on Salesforce with Tenacre.

Backlite Media is one one of the leading outdoor media agencies in the UAE. Focusing on delivering impactful media in prestige locations such as Sheikh Zayed Road and Umm Suqeim in Dubai, Backlite work with brands and media agencies to position premium products in front of mass audiences. 

The business has a history of innovation, being the first 'out of home' media company to introduce Unipoles to the UAE market, and investing in digital 'out of home' technology for their network at City Walk in Dubai.

Backlite continued to innovate through the introduction of Salesforce to manage their media sales efforts. With a strong track record of working with media companies such as Elevision Media, Hypermedia, and The MediaVantage, Tenacre Group was selected to design and build the CRM.

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Managing agency sales

Similar to most media network owners, Backlite sell advertising directly to companies and also via media agencies. 

Tenacre customised Salesforce so that when selling to a media agency, the sales data can be reported in both via the agency and also via the brand owner. 

Managing Media inventory

A key requirement of the Salesforce project was that salespeople should be able to see what media networks were booked or available on specific dates. 

Tenacre customised Salesforce so that each successful sale booked in the system would incorporate campaign start date, end date and the media networks that the advertising would run on. 

Levering this data and system customisation, salespeople can run reports to see future availability of all networks, including if that network is currently being sold to other customers. 

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Automate documentation

The design of the Salesforce CRM for media sales needed to make the sales process easier for the salespeople. 

Tenacre customised the CRM so that media booking forms and quotations are created automatically via a single button click. This process not only makes the sales administration process quicker, it also reduces errors due to the use of specific document templates being auto-populated with data from the CRM to create quote or booking form. 

Each document is version controlled, and all documents are saved as PDF's to the Salesforce record. 

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