Polypipe Dubai select Tenacre to implement Salesforce CRM

Jebel Ali-based company focused on creating value from managing sales opportunities tied to master developments in the regional property development sector.

Polypipe Gulf is one of the leading manufacturers of engineered plastic products for the construction industry. There’s a good chance that you’re in close proximity to some of the products as you read this, their components are most well built plumbing and drainage systems. With an office in Jebel Ali and a manufacturing plant about to come online in Qatar, Polypipe supply products across the Middle East and India.

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International Sales Management

Polypipe's sales and marketing process isn’t straightforward. The business in Dubai covers a vast geographic region and sells multiple products directly or via channel partners.

When the Tenacre team initially met with Robin and his team at Polypipe, we were presented with an enormous poster sized chart that listed all of the deals and sales opportunities that the company were working on. Getting this information into a CRM was one of the main requirements of the project.

The second challenge facing Polypipe was related to business development. How could we help their sales team keep up to date with the various master development projects that are being build across the region? Each master development presents multiple sales opportunities that needed to captured, classified and then incorporated into a sales process.

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System Design & Agile Project Management

The first challenge was to understand in detail the full project requirements. Robin Appleby (General Manager) and his team made this difficult process a lot easier by engaging with our consultants throughout the development. We pride ourselves in taking an ‘agile’ approach to developing Salesforce system. We work closely with our client to build the system in phases and get real – time feedback as we go.

This approach has paid dividends for Polypipe. The Salesforce system that has been developed is customised from the ground up to provide the business process and reporting capabilities that they require. The entire system has been build on the Professional Edition of the Salesforce CRM platform.

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Detailed Reporting with Dashboards

Collating vast amounts of data relating sales opportunities and potential deals that could arise from the master developers are now stored in related applications. These applications have been build by Tenacre for Polypipe on the Salesforce platform, and incorporated into the standard CRM system.

Collecting and storing this data in the CRM brings value to the Polypipe team, particularly with the speed in which information can be used by the sales team. The value to Robin and the management team comes from the multiple reports and dashboards that have been build to their specification. Through these dashboards the management and sales teams instant access to real time data on all aspects of how the business is performing. As a consequence, the company no longer spends time ‘writing reports’, as all reports are predefined and always up to data.

Tenacre provided an operational, out-of-the box, easy-to-customise cloud-based business solution for Polypipe’s International operation in just six – weeks following our initial subscription to Salesforce.

Focusing initially on report output encouraged team adoption, leading to measurable customer interaction and live tracking of opportunities, honed over time and simply presented via a graphical interface. The intuitive nature of Salesforce further encourages use, but has facilitated rapid strategic analysis and decisions from live data, previously almost inaccessible.
On-going support from Patrick and his team have resulted in a system we not only now depend on, but further develop with their assistance as Polypipe expands its international presence with innovative product solutions for today’s construction needs.
— Robin Appleby, General Manager. Polypipe Gulf.