Media Sales Management on Salesforce CRM

Hypermedia, based in Dubai Media City, is one of the region’s most successful out of home media companies. The business is a media network owner, and have a hugely diversified product range that includes the largest mall network, digital signage networks, airline terminals and of course the largest network of grocery store media in the region.

With this complex product range and geographic spread, Hypermedia approached Tenacre to design and develop a CRM platform that could manage their unique requirements.

As certified Salesforce consultants in the region, Tenacre brought the experience of both the CRM technology and knowledge of the media industry.

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Media Sales CRM Requirements

Hypermedia required a CRM that could give the sales managers and the senior management team sight and control of the sales pipeline. With a growing sales team and portfolio of media assets, the process of keeping track on the sales activities had become too complex for a spreadsheet.

To begin the process of designing the solution, Tenacre began by suggesting key design elements that had been used successfully with companies in the advertising industry such as Elevision Media, or Gulf Sport Media, publishers of the daily sports newspaper, Sport365. Through a series of workshops with the sales team and senior management the main requirements of the project were identified;

  • Direct sales and media buying agency sales. The ability to track sales opportunities and include both the end user as well as the media buying agency. This required customisation of the standard features of Salesforce and the generation of bespoke reports and dashboards to reflect the data
  • Media asset database. The creation of a database of each individual media asset that could be sold. The Products database would also have a price book that would list the sales price and any volume discounting options. As with most out of home media companies, standard ‘circuit’ deals of bundled media assets would often be unbundled, and the Salesforce system needed to be able to handle this.
  • Reports and Dashboards. The data that would now be added to the CRM needed to be organised and presented back to the management team in a format that would show the information quickly and clearly.
  • User training. The move to a new CRM system in a company that had been running successfully without one for years would require ongoing training for the CRM users.
Bill Fordyce, COO of Hypermedia with Patrick Crosbie, CEO of Tenacre Group in the Hypermedia digital media control center. 

Bill Fordyce, COO of Hypermedia with Patrick Crosbie, CEO of Tenacre Group in the Hypermedia digital media control center. 

Salesforce - Customised

The project with Hypermedia would require a customisation of the standard Salesforce system, but not a lot of development work with new applications. The main component of this project that both Hypermedia and Tenacre would need to focus on was the coaching and training of the system users.

The entire project was developed using the standard Enterprise Edition of the Salesforce CRM, and without the development of new applications or the integration with other software. The standard features of the CRM were instead heavily customised. The Products and Pricebooks features were used extensively and integrated with the opportunity management records so that each deal could be managed with all the media assets listed.

The reports were designed mainly using the Matrix report formats, this made the presentation of lots of data easier to read and comprehend. A full set of dashboards were produced so that information could quickly be presented on specific criteria, whether by country, media type or client.

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