B2B Marketing Automation with Pardot. 

Pardot is the killer platform that helps companies to convert leads into sales-qualified prospects. A complete marketing tool kit for email marketing, social posts, landing page and form creation, Pardot pulls all of these tools together to enable your marketing team to feed great leads to your sales team.

Tenacre has been building Pardot platforms since 2014, and is hired globally for our expertise. 

Marketing toolkit

When you move to Pardot, you'll likely be ditching multiple other marketing applications.

Applications that do email marketing, landing page design, Lead scoring or prospect grading - these are all contained in one place now, in Pardot. 

See the value in having all these tools work in unison, talk to one of our Pardot Consultants in Dubai. 

Lead nurturing

86% of leads that are created via expensive ad or social campaigns typically don't convert to sales opportunities.


With Pardot you can automate long-term engagements with prospects via email, social posts, web content.

This long term 'Lead Nurturing' activity helps to educate and motivate a prospect into a sales-qualified lead.  

Engage Alerts.png

Sales-qualified leads

Using 'Lead Scoring' and 'Lead Grading', your marketing team will be passing over high value leads to your sales team. 

Pardot is an integrated technology to Salesforce CRM. As your marketing team engages or 'nurtures' a lead, your sales team will see all prospect activity (email opens, web pages visited etc.), plus scoring and grading to help them to focus on the important leads first.