The CRM for more successful Sales

Sales Cloud is the flagship platform from Salesforce, and has been voted the worlds #1 CRM for the past five years. Tenacre helps companies to setup and customise the Sales Cloud so that it's optimised for your business and sales processes. 

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Customise the Worlds #1 CRM

The Sales Cloud platform contains all the features that make it the world's leading CRM solution.

Tenacre works with you to ensure that the system is customised around your business and processes. Each industry and company has specific requirements that need to be customised on the Sales Cloud Solution.

Your Tenacre consultant will help you design, test and perfect each element of the Salesforce implementation. 


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Real Time Reports

Tenacre sets up the Sales Cloud so that all processes are tracked and reported on in real time.

Reports are pre-build, and include filters so that data can be adjusted to specific conditions such as per sales team, specific dates or by products. 

Most of Tenacre's clients use Dashboards to track data on a day-to-day basis. Dashboards are built not just for each company, but for each specific group of users (sales, marketing, service or executive management). 


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Mobile, Like your sales team

The Sales Cloud solution isn't just accessible via your desktop. Tenacre will setup and customise the Salesforce mobile application for each user.

This allows all sales users and managers to add, edit or view all information via smartphones or tablets. 

The Salesforce mobile application is installed by Tenacre consultants on smartphones and tablet devices. 

Our clients gain significant efficiency improvements by providing the outside sales team with all their data via the mobile app.