Hands-on training by experienced consultants

Tenacre consultants are highly experienced in delivering tailored training programmes for our customers on all Salesforce platforms

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Post-implementation training

All Salesforce implementation projects completed by Tenacre involve an extensive training programme. Our method of training users is to combine class-room based training with hands on experience of using the CRM technology. 

Our training programmes are always built around the client, and incorporates the specific customisations that have been built into the Salesforce platform. 

All users are required to complete a series of exercises at the completion of each module to ensure that everybody in the training session understands what has been taught, and can use that knowledge in a real-world scenario. 

New feature / product training

Tenacre works with most of our clients over long periods of time, and that usually involves continuous development of their Salesforce system. The development can include new features or workflows, or integrations with third-party systems such as ERP. 

Whenever a major change is made to the Salesforce environment, Tenacre can create a training module around these new features to ensure that all users of the CRM are properly trained on the new features of the Salesforce system. 

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specialist executive training

The introduction of a new Salesforce platform, or a major upgrade to an existing system creates a significant bank of data. This data can be used by senior executives to aid day to day management of the business and for better decision making.

Tenacre offers executive training which focuses on how to understand reports, trends and non-conformance issues. The executive training is always done in smaller groups, independent of the rest of the company.