A modern and practical project management methodology  

Tenacre and our project managers work to 'Agile' project methods. 

Agile is a project management methodology that uses short development cycles called “sprints” to focus on continuous improvement in the development of Salesforce systems.

Tenacre uses Agile project management methodology as it focuses on high priority tasks and high quality outputs. When we work on projects, the features of the agile method that our clients love are, 

  • Great communication

    • Daily sprint calls and weekly scrum meetings ensure that the feedback loop on live projects is really effective. 
  • Quality

    • Agile builds in constant testing and refining of the Salesforce system from the start of the project. We the project is handed over, there has already been extensive quality testing completed.
  • Early identification of issues

    • We identify problems or risks early in the project lifecycle and resolve them with our clients before they become expensive and time consuming to fix
  • Iterative Releases and constant beta-testing 

    • Tenacre strives to get the Salesforce system in the hands of our clients as quickly as possible for testing. This method helps both teams to work together to make the system better from the beginning. 
  • Accommodates Change 

    • We expect our clients to make changes to the system during the project. Our agile methodology helps to identify change requests early, and then build this into the planned activity
  • Predictable Outcomes

    • We have better control over project delivery dates and project budgets. Sprints are of a defined length and specific project deliverables. 
  • More enjoyable

    • Our method of breaking projects down into weekly sprints along with high levels of communication makes our projects more enjoyable to work on