Salesforce CRM in the Leisure Industry
10:00 am10:00

Salesforce CRM in the Leisure Industry

This event is aimed at sales and marketing professionals in the leisure industry in the United Arab Emirates. 

The seminar will discuss the Salesforce technologies that are being used around the works in the leisure industry to help businesses to grow their sales and optimise their processes.

During the seminar, you will see

  • Salesforce CRM and how it can be customised to suit your processes
  • Marketing automation with Pardot, and how 'lead nurturing' drives long-term return on investment from your online advertising
  • See a keynote presentation from Tenacre Group CEO, Patrick Crosbie on how you can work with Tenacre to build long-term value in Salesforce technology
  • See keynote a presentation from Salesforce UAE Country Manager, Mark Massouh, and see how companies in the leisure industry around the works are harnessing the power of CRM and marketing automation. 
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Salesforce CRM for direct & indirect sales management
9:00 am09:00

Salesforce CRM for direct & indirect sales management

This event is aimed at sales leaders that manage either a direct sales team or that works with a network of channel partners. Patrick Crosbie, CEO of Tenacre will discuss how you can use the Salesforce CRM around your processes for better control, reporting and sales results. 

One of Tenacre's long-term clients, Nikita Chernalovov from Fagerhult Lighting Group is joining us. Nikita will talk about the Fagerhult journey with Salesforce, which began in 2015 and has now evolved into a highly integrated Salesforce platform that includes CRM, Marketing Automation, and 'Configure - Price - Quote' technology. 

We have a number of senior Salesforce executives flying in from Dublin to attend this event, including John O'Toole who is the Senior Account Executive for the EMEA region. John will present the latest news and technology from Salesforce. 


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