Annual Support Contracts

Tenacre provides Salesforce Annual Support Contracts.

The support contracts are used by companies that require outside help with the day to day management of their CRM as well as help when something goes wrong with their system. 

Our Annual Support Contract clients are given access to our secure case management platform, where users can create a support ticket to initiate the support request. 

Each Annual Support Contract is bespoke to the client, but the typical activities that are included are

  • User Management - Onboarding and offboarding staff as the join or leave your company. 
  • System Security - Maintaining the default security and record access settings in the CRM
  • Critical Updates and New Feature activation. Tenacre ensures that all new critical updates and new features that are released by Salesforce are correctly applied to your system
  • Data Management - Managing data quality and record ownership
  • Third-party application management. One of the most crucial aspects of the annual support contracts is ensuring that systems integration with external platforms (ERP, Accounting systems etc.) are maintained. 
  • Report & Dashboard Management - Creating and updating reports for users and management
  • Monthly Account Meeting - A scheduled monthly meeting with your Tenacre Account Manager to review your CRM and plan any changes

Pre-purchased support hours

Some of our clients don't require an annual support contract. Instead, Tenacre provides bundles of support hours that can be purchased by clients and then called-off as the need support from our team. 

When the pre-purchased hours have been used up, another bundle of support hours can be bought to ensure that Tenacre is there to support you when you need us.