The Mediavantage builds media sales CRM on Salesforce with Tenacre

The leading international media representative agency in the region hires Tenacre to build and maintain a bespoke media sales CRM. 

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Managing global relationships

The Mediavantage is an international media representative agency, working with iconic media titles such as the Times of London, South China Morning Post and El Mondo. 

Tenacre designed the Salesforce CRM so that the sales team at the Mediavantage could have a single source of data. All media agency and direct client relationships are stored in Salesforce, and all sales activities such as meetings, calls, emails and documents are stored on the CRM. 

Tracking sales activity in Salesforce. See the logged meetings, tasks, calls and emails.

Customised for Media agency sales

Tenacre customised the core CRM platform to enable sales opportunities to be tracked via media agency relationships. Each deal can be linked to the MBU and the advertising brand, enabling in-depth sales reporting.

Each sales opportunity record contains all of the key decision maker information such as account manager, planner and buyer. This data is then used to track profitable relationships with the key stakeholders over time. 

Media inventory management

Like all media sales organisations, tracking available or booked media is a key consideration. 

Each media property is categorised by type (magazine), media format (half-page ATF) and publishing dates. This data is then used in sales and media availability reports, enabling the sales team to see what media products are available on specific dates. 


The client and sales data that is in Salesforce enables real-time reporting. Tenacre developed a bank of customised reports and dashboards that The Mediavantage management team use to track the health of their sales pipeline. 

Forecast reports are used to create a high-level view of the pipeline, forecasting demand on specific dates into the future. This information is a critical input to the planning function in the business. 

The sales and forecasting reports are also used to maintain good relationships with the various publishers that The Mediavantage represent. Account managers are able to use the forecasting information to update the publishers on the likely demand for the coming weeks and months. 

As our business grew it became apparent that we needed to invest in new systems and technologies to keep pace. We investigated CRM and ERP systems, but there wasn’t an obvious off the shelf solution that would provide our business with what we were looking for.

We were then introduced to Tenacre, they were recommended to us by one of their existing clients in the media industry. It was immediately obvious that the team had an innate understanding of the media sales business and had great experience of customising Salesforce to suit our industry.

I have recommended Tenacre to several of my peers in the industry, and would happily continue to position Tenacre as the authority on building CRM platforms for the media industry in the Middle East
— Manoj Khimji, CEO The Mediavantage.

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