Sport360 newspaper choose Salesforce partner, Tenacre for CRM

Sport 360 newspaper has completed the implementation of Salesforce CRM platform to manage ad sales, client data and performance reporting. Tenacre had the great pleasure of being the implementation and training partner for this project, and having just completed the final training programme, we're looking forward to supporting the sales and management team in the months and years ahead.

Michael Chalhoub, CEO of Gulf Sport Media commented, 'For a startup like ours at Sport360, that has grown exponentially in size, it was extremely important to monitor all the efforts put in individually by each of our team members without micromanaging them. In that sense, Salesforce has been extremely helpful and has adapted very well to our business model. It is also a perfect fit to our mentality, our way of doing things, where people have the liberty to manage their day as they please, as long as they put in the efforts required to reach our ambitious goals.

As our Salesforce partner in Dubai, Tenacre has been a great consultant for this project, bringing with them an understanding of both media and small business. Having them onboard as our implementation partner has added tremendously to the value that we have gained from Salesforce. 

The project was designed to provide the sales team with the tools to access client data to enable them to work through their sales process faster and to close deals quickly. All contact information for clients and advertising agencies has been collected, cleaned and imported into the CRM system to provide a single platform for accessing data.

A series of reports and dashboards have been developed so that each user, as well as the management team, can see in real - time how the business is doing in terms of sales figures. Reports are used to show sales by team member and product (print, online, events etc.), meaning there is a daily focus on hitting and exceeding targets.

Each team member has installed a customised version of the Salesforce1 mobile app, allowing updating of sales opportunities and access to data while out of the office. 'Chatter', the collaboration and messaging app are being used to monitor data updates throughout the sales team, with the data feed proving real-time updates on clients, leads and sales opportunities.

For Tenacre, working with Sport360 adds to our strategic goal of being the Salesforce partner of choice for small to medium-sized business and the media industry. Sport360 is another in a growing list of high profile media companies that chose Tenacre to develop and implement their CRM platform, joining Elevision Media and Hypermedia on our client roster.