Five marketing tools in your Salesforce system

One of the many reasons that Dubai SME's are using Salesforce in increasing numbers is because of the salesforce marketing tools. Small businesses need to market and advertise themselves to attract new clients, we know this for sure. For most of us that run a small business, we need to pick some marketing activities that are effective, cheap (or better, free) and that we can repeat regularly.

Here are our top five marketing activities for the successful SME 

Automate Lead Management

In some many cases, its the company that responds the fastest to an inquiry that wins the deal, not the one with the cheapest or best product. Use Salesforce auto-response email tools so that every inquiry to your company receives an email back immediately. Make sure that you also automate the allocation of that lead to one of your sales reps so that they can pick it up and call the lead immediately.


Businesses that blog regularly receive over 65% more web traffic. If you own an SME, chances are that you are an expert in your field, use a blog to make sure that your customers and prospects know this and can easily find you online. Blogging is also a great way to increase your website's SEO.

Nurture Your Leads

Very often prospects that get in touch with you via your website don't make a buying decision straight away. This could take months in some cases, and you need to ensure that you are in regular contact with your prospect list so that when they are ready to buy they still remember you.

Tinker with Ad Copy & Design

You can run Google Adwords or Facebook campaigns for as little as $10 per day. If you are running these campaigns, make sure that you are constantly making changes to the ad headline, copy or graphic so that you optimise the ad to achieve the highest click-through rate possible.

Use Email

With Salesforce, you can set up email templates that can mail merge with your contacts, including custom data. These emails can be merged and sent out within minutes, and you can track the delivery rate and read rate via standard reports. Email marketing works, so long as the list that you are contacting has given you permission to contact them.