Salesforce Engage - Bringing marketing automation to the sales team

  • Salesforce Engage helps your marketing team build your prospect engagement campaigns

  • Your sales team deploys a campaign for each new prospect

  • Nurture all new prospects over the long-term

  • Give your sales team real-time insight of prospect activity such as website visits or email opens

Salesforce Engage fixes the problem is how to enable your sales team to quickly and easily deploy marketing campaigns that directly help them to close new business. With Salesforce Engage, a salesperson can load a new prospect into the CRM, and then activate a multi-step email marketing campaign right from their iPhone.



Marketing automation campaigns activated by the salesperson

Salesforce Engage lets your marketing team do all the hard work such as building lead nurturing campaigns with emails, landing pages and lead scoring. With the campaigns built and ready to go, your sales team can move onto closing deals while your Engage campaign nurtures the client relationship over multiple communications.

As the prospects react to the Salesforce Engage campaigns, the salesperson will get complete sight of all actions, including email opens, website visits, document downloads, and links clicked. Each action by the prospect triggers a lead score, showing the salesperson the most active prospects in their queue and the highest priority for following up.

“Sales has complete visibility. By the time sales engages, the buyer is educated and ready to make a decision. Sales know exactly where to begin the conversation.”

Alan English, Senior Brand Manager, Stanley Black and Decker.