An explanation of how Tenacre delivers Salesforce projects

Our clients for Salesforce implementation love the way that Tenacre delivers projects. We switched away from traditional ways of project delivery back in 2015 in an effort to build in more flexibility for our clients to make changes during the project, and to speed up the time it took to deliver a working system. Over the past three years we've worked on over 100 projects, and during that time we've completely embedded the 'Agile' project management methods into the culture of how Tenacre delivers Salesforce projects here in Dubai. 

If you are considering a Salesforce implementation in Dubai, what are the key aspects of working with Tenacre that you should be aware of? 

1. We plan and design for client-requested changes during the project

Tenacre switched from traditional project management processes to agile so that our clients could have more options to make changes to the original plan. During the planning and design phase or working with a Tenacre consultant, you will have the option of telling him or her what the important processes are that you need built into your CRM. We'll take all of this information and produce a 'system design document' that sets out in detail of the elements of your CRM, right down to the individual data fields. 

But this is only the starting point. Tenacre assumes that as we build out and test your CRM that you may need to make changes to the original design based on user feedback. That's fine with us, you expect you to make changes as we work on your system. 

2. We get a prototype up and running as soon as possible

The best way to deliver a Salesforce platform that is build specifically for your requirements is to let your team start working on an early-stage prototype as soon as possible. We do this by building the prototype based on the system design document, and then releasing this to your team so that they can start using it and providing feedback. 

The feedback that we get from your team allows the Tenacre project manager and developers to make changes to the original design document. As these changes are made, we release it to your team for the next phase of testing and feedback. 

This process delivers a far better final project. Your project team will have provided several rounds of feedback over weeks of development. 

3. You have better control of risks, quality and prioritisation 

When the project delivery team at Tenacre were considering the shift to agile project management methods, one of the features that we really liked was that our clients would have far greater control over risks. During the planning stage of the project, Tenacre will provide you with a project risk analysis. This document sets out where the Tenacre consultant sees that potential for risk, and our plan for mitigating these risks as we deliver the project. 

Your project manager will continue to monitor the risks as the project is being delivered, and highlight to you if he or she considers the the potential risk is turning into an actual issue. When this happens, your project manager will work with you to work out the best way forward. This often involves evaluating the impact of the risk, and through prioritising, mutually agree a way forward. 

4. Good communication by design

One of the most important factors in making a Salesforce project successful is the quality of communication between your team and the Tenacre project manager. As we've mentioned earlier, we like to deploy prototype systems early to our clients and then work on on enhancing the system based on your feedback. To make this effective, your project manager will formalise a communications plan with you, so you are in daily contact with the Tenacre team. 

On a weekly basis there will be a face to face meeting at your office, we call this a 'scrum meeting'. This meeting will review the work that has been completed the previous week, and then to prioritise the work schedule for the following week. Risk logs will also be reviewed and plans put in place as required. 

On a daily basis your project manager will schedule a recurring video call with your team. This will be quick, usually 15 minutes max, and the agenda will be focused on the previous days development and the feedback from your team. 

5. Focused on excellent outcomes and satisfied clients

At Tenacre we know that our clients hire us to deliver better business outcomes, not just technology. Our entire approach to delivering projects is based around improving the sales, service or marketing processes within your business. Our team understand that the technology that we work with is a powerful enabler, but without good processes and people it won't have positive impacts on our clients business. 

Our business is structured to focus on the key soft skills that can release this value; planning, communication, testing and management.