How Tenacre secures your data in Salesforce

One of the many reasons that companies in Dubai implement Salesforce CRM is so that they can have greater security over the data that relates to their customers, sales activities and prices.

If your business uses spreadsheets or other informal ways of holding sales reports, you are exposed to the threat of data theft from employees that leave the company to work for a competitor. 

Salesforce is used by the worlds largest banks, medical institutes and commercial organisations. The security options that the CRM offers is one of the compelling reasons for companies to trust Salesforce to hold their data. 

If you are considering a CRM platform in your business, here are the ways that Tenacre helps companies in Dubai to apply best-practice security settings to keep your records safe. 

Limit user access to records 

Salesforce can be setup so that each user has specific access rights (Create, Read, Write, Edit, Transfer, Delete) to a subset of data within the CRM. There's thre main ways that Tenacre applies security settings to your CRM; 

Custom User Profiles: Profiles are a collection of 'permissions', and each user is allocated a specific profile. The profile that the user is given will limit them to what they can see and do within Salesforce.

User Hierarchy: The hierarchy is lets us set up the Salesforce users based on reporting lines. This means that users can be allowed to see 'down' the hierarchy to see records that are owned by their direct reports, but the may not be able to see 'up' the hierarchy.

Criteria-based access: Criteria-based sharing rules can be designed so that a specific user or group of users can see records only when certain conditions are satisfied. An example of this is when a Sales Opportunity reaches a certain stage, access is granted to the pre-sales technical team to check the configuration and pricing. These scenarios can be designed to suit your specific requirements

all data is kept within the CRM

Data that exists on spreadsheets, outlook or mobile phones is a security risk. This data can be taken by staff and used when they leave your business to work for your competitors. 

Tenacre will give your team access to whatever data they require, but only within the Salesforce environment. This is also possible in their mobile phones, where the Salesforce app can be used to find phone numbers or take meetings notes. 

Customisable reports and dashboards enable salespeople and management to see data in multiple formats, negating the need to export data into Excel. 

When people leave the company, their access to Salesforce is restricted or removed.

Restricted access to export data

As a standard feature, Salesforce reports can be run and then exported to Excel with a single button click. Tenacre can limit access to this feature, or turn it off completely for all users. 

We can adjust the user profile and deselect the 'Export Reports' setting for all profiles, or a specific group of users. 

Event Logging & Security alerts

We recommend using the 'event logging' feature to be activated on CRM platforms that has this feature available (currently Enterprise and above). The event logs enable a system administrator to track certain key activity in the system such as user log ins and export of reports. 

Event logs are typically only available for one day, but you can have a paid-for upgrade to your license that will enable the logs to be kept and made available for 30 days. 

If your data is super-sensitive or you fear that your data is being used inappropriately, there are platforms such as FairWarning. Tenacre has used this platform before to not just create event logs that record historical activity, but to create a pro-active warning system so that your system administrators are alerted when the FairWarning system identifies suspect activity.

Restricted Access

Access to Salesforce can be restricted in two other ways for your users. 

Restricted IP Ranges: This prevents users from logging into Salesforce when they are not on the company network. This can be overridden for specific users if required, especially field-based salespeople. 

Log in Hours: Access to Salesforce can be restricted to specific days and working hours. Access can be turned off outside of these times, preventing users from logging in at all outside of the specified times.